Non-communicable Diseases and HIV Care and Treatment: Models of Integrated Service Delivery

Download this publicationNon-communicable diseases (NCD) are a growing cause of morbidity in low-income countries including people living with human immunodeficient virus (HIV). Integration of NCD and HIV services can build upon experience with chronic care models from HIV programs. A literature review was conducted and three models of models of NCD and HIV service delivery integration were identified: NCD services integrated into centers originally providing HIV care, HIV care integrated into primary health care (PHC) already offering NCD services, and simultaneous introduction of integrated HIV and NCD services. It was concluded that regardless of model integration, leveraging experience from HIV care models and adapting existing systems and toos is a feasible method to provide efficient care and treatment for the growing numbers of patients with NCDs. Operational research should be conducted to further study how successful models of HIV and NCD integration can be expanded in scope and scaled-up by managers and policymakers seeking to address all the chronic care needs of their patients.
Authors: Malia Duffy, Bisola Ojikutu, Soa Andrian, Elaine Sohng, Thomas Minior, Lisa Hirschhorn

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