Stories of Transformation from Georgia

Download this publicationThe Sustaining Family Planning and Maternal and Child Health Services in Georgia (SUSTAIN) project was a huge and undisputed success. SUSTAIN contributed to a veritable revolution in the way that women experience childbirth in Georgia and the way that health providers deliver perinatal services to women and newborns. Maternal mortality declined by 40% as the number of hospitals providing evidence-based perinatal care grew significantly.

Family planning services also were expanded at scale, with women even in the most remote villages and hamlets of Georgia gaining access to contraception. The stories in this booklet illustrate what these successes mean in the everyday lives of people. Women who have given birth in hospitals that provide the “new” evidence-based, family-centered care; doctors who have been trained to deliver that care; and new parents who have taken advantage of the new online parent school are all profiled on the following pages. The stories go a bit further, too, exploring why Georgia’s new regionalization policy is a game-changer for the safety of mothers and newborns and how doctors from Georgia’s largest hospital network are using internationally-recognized quality improvement measures to provide increasingly better perinatal care.

We invite you to step into the lives of the people on the following pages: mothers, fathers, doctors, hospital managers, NGO leaders, and youth advocates. Their lives have all been touched by SUSTAIN and their experiences bring the project’s impressive results to life. SUSTAIN/JSI, 2015

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