Strengthening the National Drug Stores of Liberia - First Step to Better Health Services

Download this publicationIn Liberia, the population relies on the public sector’s National Drug Stores (NDS) for access to medicines and other health supplies. Over the last four years, the volume of drugs and medical supplies flowing into the country has increased by approximately 50 percent, and additional pressure has been put on the NDS because of the recent outbreak of the Ebola virus disease.

Since 2013, the USAID | DELIVER PROJECT has worked with Liberia’s Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MOHSW) to strengthen the operations of the supply chain—including inventory control, information management, and commodity distribution—to ensure accountable, transparent, and effective management of all drugs and essential health supplies. This logistics brief describes the project's supply chain strengthening efforts in Liberia. JSI / USAID | DELIVER PROJECT. 2014.

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