RBHS Technical Brief - Capacity Development: an Integrative Approach to Building Capacity in Liberia

Download this publicationIn 2011, the Liberian Ministry of Health and Social Welfare took on full responsible for managing health services delivery activities previously implemented by JSI's RBHS Project, and RBHS shifted its focus to help strengthen the overall health system. The MOHSW developed and led a comprehensive and integrated capacity-building approach that focused on simultaneous capacity development at three levels: individual, organizational, and system. This integrated approach was chosen because it was believed to have the best chance of being sustainable as donor funding decreased.

RBHS capacity building assistance included providing training workshops targeting specific cadres of staff and specific knowledge and skill sets. This monograph reflects on RBHS works with the MOHSW, the processes/outputs, outcomes, and impacts. RBHS project interventions provided extensive training and mentorship of MOHSW staff at both the national and county levels and aimed to strengthen both systems and processes to ensure sustainability is not personnel dependent. JSI/Liberia Rebuilding Basic Health Services Project, 2014.

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