Success Stories from Liberia Rebuilding Basic Health Services Project

Download this publicationThis booklet compiles various success stories from the Rebuilding Basic Health Services (RBHS) Program in Liberia. The stories look at core aspects of the program, from family planning to maternal health and from clinic renovations to midwife training.

The RBHS Program covered a range of health services, from health education to transforming existing healthcare centers across Liberia. RBHS was a six-year USAID-funded project, conducted in partnership with the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MOHSW), and was initially designed to support Liberia's goal, outlined in its National Health Policy and Plan, of increasing access to basic health services and strengthening the decentralized management of the health system. In the first phase of the project, RBHS supported service delivery outcomes with a focus on the following elements: family planning, reproductive health, and gender-based violence; maternal, neonatal and child health (MNCH); malaria (PMI); HIV prevention; and water and sanitation. JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc./RBHS. 2014.

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