The Pathway to Supply Chain Sustainability - A Planning Tool for Scaling & Institutionalizing Innovations within Public Sector Supply Chains

Download this publicationThis document describes the Pathway to Supply Chain Sustainability Tool, developed by Supply Chains for Community Case Management (SC4CCM) project. which is used to identify factors for strengthening to scale and institutionalize supply chain innovations. This information can be useful for project managers and in-country stakeholders implementing other projects to improve supply chain practices in rural communities.

Supply Chains for Community Case Management (SC4CCM) is a learning project that identifies proven, simple, affordable solution to address the unique supply chain challenges of community health workers (CHWs). Working with government community case management (CCM) initiatives in Ethiopia, Malawi, and Rwanda, over 12-24 months SC4CCM tested supply chain interventions to improve access to medicines so CHWs can treat common childhood illnesses like pneumonia, malaria, diarrhea, and malnutrition. SC4CCM is now working with Ministries of Health (MOH) and partners to scale up and institutionalize proven interventions. JSI/SC4CCM. 2012.

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