Guidance on using the Toolkit for Health Care Waste Management in Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision

Download this publicationHealth care activities generate waste. Health care waste (HCW) varies in nature and form, and comprises hazardous and non-hazardous elements that require unique segregation (i.e., separation or sorting), packaging, handling, transport, treatment, and/or disposal methods to minimize risks to people, animals, and the environment. For this reason, health care waste management (HCWM) is a highly regulated sector.

SCMS developed the VMMC Health Care Waste Management Model as a sustainable and cost-effective process for ensuring that VMMC sites properly handle, treat, and/or dispose of HCW, and practice sound environmental hygiene. It is adapted from the logistics cycle, adding elements that are specific to HCWM and linking each step to a quality management system. At its core, the VMMC Health Care Waste Management Model is meant to establish a standard approach to HCWM in VMMC campaigns.

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