Logistics Systems Assessment Tool (LSAT)

Download this publicationThe Logistics System Assessment Tool (LSAT), one of two data-gathering tools (with the Logistics Indicators Assessment Tool) developed by the DELIVER project, is used to assess a logistics system and the system’s environment. The LSAT, a diagnostic and monitoring tool, can be used to complete an annual assessment as an integral part of the work planning process. The information collected using the LSAT is analyzed to identify is sues and opportunities and, from those, used to outline further assessment and/or appropriate interventions.

Because assessments using the LSAT are conducted and analyzed in successive years, the results can be used to monitor and improve system performance; and to provide critical data that can identify a country’s commodity security strengths and weaknesses. Either public or private sector supply chains can use the LSAT. JSI/ USAID|DELIVER PROJECT, 2009

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