Moving forward with strengthening routine immunization delivery as part of measles and rubella elimination activities

Learn more about this journal articleRebecca Fields (MCHIP Senior Technical Advisor), Manish Jain (MCHIP India) and Karan Singh Sagar (MCHIP India), together with Alya Dabbagh (WHO) authored the article "Moving Forward with Strengthening Routine Immunization Delivery as part of Measles and Rubella Elimination Activities." While there have been debates for decades about whether mass vaccination campaigns (sometimes known as supplementary immunization activities or SIAs) have a positive or negative effect on routine immunization, this paper explores how measles-rubella SIAs can be used in to help address specific challenges to routine immunization. It emphasizes the need to take action before, during, and following the SIA to bring about lasting improvements for routine immunization and the need to assign clear responsibilities for work in this area. MCHIP/2013

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