Exploring the Effects of Holistic Capacity Building: An Evaluation of NuPITA's Technical Assistance on NPI Partners' Service Delivery and Sustainability

Download this publicationThe purpose of the evaluation was to determine the effects of capacity-building on NPI partner organizations – to understand why service delivery and sustainability results were achieved, or why they were not, and to generate information to inform the development of similar projects.The two objectives of the evaluation were:a) To determine the effect that NuPITA’s capacity building technical assistance has had on HIV service delivery results through the work of its partner organizations; and b) To determine the effect that NuPITA’s capacity-building technical assistance has had on the sustainability of its partner organizations.

For each NPI organization, support started – at both the headquarters and field levels – with an analysis of current capability, measured through an organizational capacity assessment (OCA). The OCA used an interactive, facilitated self assessment tool to assist partner organizations to identify their status on seven management elements: governance, administration, human resource management, financial management, organizational management, program management and project performance management.

The outcome was a quantitative baseline to guide planning to strengthen those areas.An accompanying action plan also pinpointed key areas of desired improvement as wellas areas in which organizations requested technical assistance from NuPITA. NuPITA also developed several technical capacity assessment (TCA) tools to build on the OCA. The TCA documents the organization’s technical capacity to implement HIV and AIDS programs and comply with national and international HIV and AIDS standards, and also identifies key technical areas within the organization that require strengthening.

The combined OCA and TCA, or TOCA, was implemented with each partner in its second project year.In the final project year, a “close-out OCA” (CLOCA) was implemented using a slightly modified OCA tool that included a discussion of partners’ experiences under NPI. JSI/NuPITA, 2012

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