Supporting Tribal Leaders to Respond to HIV in Zambia: The Story of Mbeza Chiefdom

Download this publicationThe USAID-funded Zambia Support to the HIV/AIDS Response (SHARe) Program regards tribal leadership as an invaluable resource in the fight against HIV and AIDS in Zambia. Zambia is home to many tribal factions and tribal chiefs exert a great deal of political and cultural influence over their chiefdoms.

In 2005, The SHARe project launched a campaign to lend technical support to tribal leaders in three chiefdoms in the effort to combat HIV/AIDS. The collaborative effort laid out clear priorities for each chiefdom regarding pressing infrastructure needs for the reliable supply of HIV and AIDS commodities. The program also worked with tribal leaders to establish the leading behavioral causes of HIV transmission and devise the most effective methods of educating people in a culturally appropriate way.

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