Jereo Salama Isika: Final Report

Download this publicationMadagascar is endowed with abundant natural resources and is rich in ecological diversity. For the Malagasy people to benefit from these resources, the country must overcome significant public health obstacles, which are exacerbated by high annual population growth and infant mortality. The Jereo Salama Isika ("Look, We Are Healthy") Project started in January 1999 to assist the Ministry of Health and its NGO partners decentralize health care, improve the quality of services, and encourage local communities to be responsible for their own health. The project integrated child survival, nutrition and reproductive health including sexually transmitted infections (STI) and HIV/AIDS activities at both the community and service delivery site levels. A large network of over 17,000 volunteer community health promoters proved highly effective in increasing demand for services and improving health practices. Community mobilization was a central part of the integrated communication program that included rural radio and television. Tremendous strides in increasing contraceptive prevalence rates, vaccination coverage rates, and breast-feeding in project areas received international recognition. Technical assistance provided to the national, regional and district healthcare infrastructure aimed to increase access to quality care, help health workers improve their skills, improve management information systems, and ensure a continuous supply of contraceptives, vaccines and essential drugs. These state-of-the-art approaches were integrated into the medical and para-medical school curricula and helped change the way health care is delivered in Madagascar long into the future. Jereo Salama Isika/JSI, 2003

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