Key Steps to Scaling Up Nutrition: Lessons Learned from Other Large Scale Nutrition Programs

Download this publicationThe Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) movement, an emerging coalition of international and national actors with the passion and expertise to scale up actions to tackle undernutrition, is gathering pace since its launch in September 2010. The '1000 days' initiative is a time-bound, results orientated effort, which provides a strong sense of urgency to advance effective implementation of the SUN Roadmap. A gathering of key civil society stakeholders with delegations of civil society actors is vital to begin building a meaningful and exciting civil society movement to scale up nutrition.

Two sequential meetings were held in June 2011 to turn the rhetoric into action. Both meetings sought to strengthen civil society engagement in the scale up of nutrition activities. This presentation guided discussions in the second meeting, which focused on civil society stakeholders from developing countries. John Snow, Inc. 2011.

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