In the Press

Meeting Contraception Needs in Nigeria

October 25, 2017

Anne Austin, JSI’s monitoring and evaluation advisor, recently talked to the Financial Times about the barriers to contraceptive use in Nigeria. The article, Nigerian women face their fears and start using contraception, explores the changing attitudes toward contraception in the country.

Nigeria has set a goal of a 36% contraceptive prevalence rate by 2018. With an estimated contraceptive prevalence rate of 14.6%, reaching the additional 16% of women who have articulated a demand for contraception would still fall short of the goal. The data show that if Nigeria can secure and deliver contraceptive commodities, a large number of Nigerian women will choose to use them.

“If the system can ensure affordable, acceptable contraceptives are available, nearly one in five married women would choose to use them—even if existing norms do not change,” Austin said.

Learn more from Austin’s published journal article, Unmet contraceptive need among married Nigerian women: an examination of trends and drivers.