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JSI's Stewart Landers weighs in on latest HIV testing recommendations from USPSTF

December 7, 2012

JSI's Stewart Landers has been quoted in an article published by BioPharm Insight, member of the Financial Times Group, on the new HIV screening guidelines outlined by the US Preventative Services Task Force (USPSTF).

On November 20, USPSTF released its new recommendations for HIV screening, stipulating that all people ages 15-65 should be tested and that adolescents and people older than 65 should be tested according to their risk. Experts in the field of HIV have praised the recommendation, but argue that it overlooks the issue of screening periodicity. The article explains that there is a lack of data about what frequency of screening for HIV is most effective. Landers advocates for yearly HIV screening to best ensure that there has been no change in HIV status.

Furthermore, Landers argues that, since the recommendation has been made by the USPSTF, screenings should be reimbursable through the Affordable Care Act, and that information about reimbursement for providers offering HIV testing should be included with the recommendation.

Read the whole BioPharm Insight article, "New HIV screening guidelines leave issue of test frequency unsettled".