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Health for All: Rise for Our Right

December 11, 2017

Five years after the United Nations unanimously endorsed universal health coverage (UHC) we still have a long way to go until all people—no matter who they are, where they live, or how much money they have—can access high-quality health care.

JSI provides governments, local partners, and communities with knowledge, skills, and tools to adapt health systems to meet the needs of individuals and communities. In 2016, we built stronger routine immunization systems in 15 countries, developed stronger supply chains in 14 countries, and trained more than 93,000 health workers and community volunteers in 37 countries.

We support the global movement toward UHC by helping partners improve access to high-quality services, strengthen supply chains, improve policies and governance, and build user-centered health information systems that enable data visibility and promote data use for decision making.

Want to learn about some of the other ways that JSI is supporting UHC? Click on the links below:

Building strong health systems to safeguard communities

Emergencies can disrupt infrastructure, distract governments, and devastate communities. Through support for government accountability, behavior change at all levels, and strong community structures, resilience can speed the transition from emergency to development. Read more

Making public health supply chains more efficient
The Visibility Analytics Network helps ensure that people, technology, and processes align to deliver health products to families and care providers when and where they need them. Learn more

Fostering innovation, prioritizing learning, and putting people first
As global health challenges and new technologies evolve, public health solutions and the way we capture their effects must be creative, data-led, and most importantly, people-focused. We’re using human-centered design to bridge the gap between policy-making and implementation. Learn more

Building user-centered health information systems to improve data visibility and use
JSI is helping countries collect high-quality data, make systems interoperable, overcome security challenges, train staff, and make information available from the national level to the most remote clinics. Read more

To support to the global movement toward UHC, visit the Universal Health Coverage Day website.