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BSCF Continues Support for JSI’s CA Work in Domestic Violence

August 9, 2017

JSI will be continuing its work with Blue Shield of California Foundation (BSCF) to expand two aligned streams of work: Developing a Business Case for Domestic Violence (DV) as a consideration in health care decision making and Advancing Whole Person Care in California.

“We’re extremely excited about this work and grateful for the continued support and shared commitment to healthier, safer communities” said project co-directors Karuna Chibber and Jeremy Cantor, “This is an important opportunity to develop approaches to measurement and sustainability in support of partners and leaders across the state.”

In this next phase of work, the JSI California office will provide customized and strategic evaluation and sustainability planning assistance to select multi-sector partnerships to address DV/trauma and resilience building; reviewing and synthesizing literature on the relationship between DV/trauma and social determinants of health; and exploring strategies for engaging health care payers and providers as partners in on-the-ground initiatives. Additionally, JSI will distill early learnings from California's Whole Person Care and monitor the ways that pilot counties are emphasizing prevention and "rising risk" populations.

"Our state's underserved, low-income patients and survivors of domestic violence face significant barriers to care that are magnified by a poorly integrated health care system," said BSCF president and CEO Peter Long in a press release on June 21, 2017 announcing over $11 million in new grants. "We believe that strengthening the integration and coordination of services across the safety net will remain critical as California navigates the current healthcare environment."

See the full press release from the Blue Shield of California Foundation.