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Brokering a Public-Private Partnership to Improve Kenya’s Vaccine Supply Chain

July 19, 2017

Kenya is determined to reach all people, no matter where they live, with the vaccines they need. The vision of the Ministry of Health’s National Vaccines and Immunization Program (NVIP) is to accelerate progress towards this goal by transforming their supply chain and enhancing program performance with a Visibility and Analytics Network (VAN). In a VAN, teams are empowered by policy, process, technology and data to make supply chains better serve customers.

JSI’s Nairobi-based inSupply Consulting Services was invited to help design a VAN for Kenya as part of a multi-stakeholder initiative led by the Ministry of Health and involving nongovernmental agencies, funders, and the private sector. This initiative, adapted from a commercial sector approach, will improve end-to-end supply chain data visibility, provide analytical tools, and promote processes for continuous system improvement.

Drawing on decades of experience in managing complex health supply chain projects, JSI orchestrated a successful partnership by facilitating discussions between Kenyan health officials and global business leaders. In this role as trusted broker, we supported a process that brought together NVIP with all key stakeholders to co-design the initiative, learn from each other, and build ownership among national and county influencers. Our ability to speak the language of both the public and private sectors helped to translate DHL’s commercial solutions and best practices into the public health context.

The NVIP and its partners have made significant progress in defining the vision of the VAN and developing a roadmap for the next two years to ensure that quality vaccines are accessible wherever and whenever they are needed. JSI’s support of the VAN effort in Kenya has been funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance.