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Join us on April 26 for a #TalkWIW Twitter Chat!

April 12, 2017

Globally, immunization prevents 2-3 million deaths each year. The World Health Organization estimates that the remaining under-5 deaths — approximately 1.5 million deaths annually—could be prevented with existing vaccines. Success in reducing vaccine-preventable mortality has been dramatic, but cannot be taken for granted.

JSI and MCSP invites you to join us during World Immunization Week (24-30 April 2017) for a live Twitter chat at 8:30 AM EST on Monday, April 24, 2017 with the hashtag #TalkWIW about why vaccinations are so critical in preventing under-5 deaths worldwide and challenges to vaccinations today.

Twitter Chat Format
Twitter chat will be Q&A with @MCSPglobal tweeting out numbered questions for individuals and organizations to respond to with the hashtag #TalkWIW. We will tweet the questions out in English and French. For example, @MCSPglobal will tweet out a question beginning with “Q1”, and direct replies should begin with “A1” and end with the hashtag #TalkWIW.

Twitter Chat Questions

  • Q1: What are the benefits of vaccination?
  • Q2: How does strengthening immunization benefit the broader health system?
  • Q3: How is immunization important in the context of universal health coverage?
  • Q4: What are key challenges that countries are facing in their work on immunization?
  • Q5: How can the challenges in reaching every child with vaccination be overcome? (or how can we overcome the challenges of reaching every child with vaccination?)
  • Q6: Why is vaccination a smart investment?