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Join the AIDSFree HTS Community of Practice

March 7, 2017

The JSI-led AIDSFree project is seeking new members for its HIV Testing Services (HTS) Community of Practice (COP). The COP provides a forum to connect with and learn from peers working in HIV testing services around the world. Community members ask questions, share lessons, access the latest literature and news in HIV testing, and learn from experts—through a simple, mobile-friendly, email-based format.The AIDSFree HIV Testing Services COP is a critical information-sharing platform that is designed to help achieve UNAIDS’ 90-90-90 strategy proposes an ambitious HIV testing target to help end the AIDS epidemic. 

COP members also receive updates on AIDSFree’s upcoming webinars on topics including HTS guidance, self-testing, male engagement in testing, index case testing, and more. The HTS COP has more than 500 members from 55 countries around the globe. Those interested in the community can learn more on the AIDSFree website.