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Significant Milestone Reached in Enhancing Data Visibility

March 1, 2017

The performance of a supply chain is based on its ability to match supply and demand timely and efficiently. Customers should have the product they want when and where they need it. No product means a stockout, while too much product is wasteful. Matching supply and demand requires data visibility—if you don’t know what you have or what is needed, your supply chain cannot function. Not only do you need to know what you have today, you also need to know what you will have next week or next month.

AIDSFree Ethiopia is working with the Pharmaceuticals Fund and Supply Agency (PFSA) to enhance visibility of procurement and shipping data in PFSA dashboards. By including procurement and shipping data—what’s coming in the pipeline—in health commodity management information system (HCMIS) dashboards, PFSA can make better decisions and improve medicine availability and reduce waste. HCMIS is PFSA’s logistics management information system developed and implemented by JSI under the USAID | DELIVER PROJECT and now continuing under AIDSFree.

A significant milestone in this work was reached recently: AIDSFree, PFSA, and UNFPA worked together so that UNFPA procurement data from their information system is automatically synced with HCMIS. UNFPA is the lead United Nations agency for reproductive health, and is a significant supplier to PFSA of contraceptives and other maternal and child health medicines. Now, when UNFPA places an order for Ethiopia, the information is updated automatically on HCMIS so PFSA knows what is coming ahead of time. And because it is captured automatically, there are no errors from “manual” data entry.

AIDSFree and PFSA are now working with UNICEF and USAID’s Global Health Supply Chain Program – Procurement and Supply Management project so their procurement data can also be included in PFSA dashboards.This work brings PFSA a step closer to a goal of end-to-end supply chain visibility, from manufacturer all the way to point of use.

Screen capture from HCMIS showing purchase order information directly taken from the UNFPA information system.