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JSI Launches The Supply Chain Manager’s Handbook

February 23, 2017

JSI is proud to announce the launch of a new flagship publication, The Supply Chain Manager’s Handbook, this time in a new website format. Based on more than 30 years of experience improving public health supply chains in more than 60 countries, The Supply Chain Manager’s Handbook is also informed by the latest innovations and commercial best practices in managing supply chains for medicines, vaccines, diagnostics, and other essential products. It serves as the starting point for anyone interested in learning about and understanding the key principles and concepts of health supply chain management, including strategy and design, data visibility and use, financing, and risk management.

Portions of The Supply Chain Manager’s Handbook were adapted from of our Logistics Handbook, originally developed under the USAID | DELIVER PROJECT funded by USAID. As the go-to resource for supply chain practitioners in the field, over 28,000 print or electronic copies in six languages have been distributed or downloaded since 2008.

JSI is dedicated to helping our partners improve the lives of the people and communities they serve. Guided by the belief that strong supply chains save lives, our supply chain management practice leads complex projects in innovative and cost-effective ways to make sure medicines, vaccines, and other products reach the people who need them. For more than three decades, our experts have strengthened health supply chains in more than 60 countries, including training more than 100,000 people worldwide. We also help governments scale up and manage their own supply chains so they can embrace emerging trends and improve the health of millions.