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Strengthening Health Services through Data Collection and Use

January 19, 2017

JSI has received a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to implement the Data Use Partnership (DUP) in Ethiopia. The project will work in close partnership with Ethiopia’s Federal Ministry of Health (FMOH) to improve both the collection and use of high-quality routine information in the health sector.

In a country’s health system, national health information systems (HIS) are the critical drivers that affect its overall performance, contributing to decisions in policy making, management, financing, and service delivery.

Strengthening a health information system helps provide robust and accurate routine health information and in turn, using the generated data to make decisions, has the power to transform a health system. A strong HIS ultimately leads to better quality, efficiency, and availability of primary health and nutrition services at every level of the country’s health system.

JSI has partnered with the Regenstrief Institute to implement the five-year initiative.

Data Use Partnership has four focus areas that will be phased in during the project period: data use, HMIS, eHealth architecture and interoperability, and HIS governance. Grounded in a participatory, user-centered approach, the initiative will incorporate the Information Revolution Roadmap, a plan created by the FMOH, in addition to four guiding principles:

  1. Promotion of country ownership and accountability—DUP will play a supportive role to FMOH efforts
  2. Inclusivity and active collaboration with cross-sector stakeholders
  3. Investment to a pervasive information culture that promotes active data use at each layer of the health system
  4. Innovative and strategic change, stemming from human centered design and systems thinking, that builds on current investments and encourages learning from local and global experiences
JSI looks forward to continuing its strong collaboration with the Ethiopian FMOH, building off previous work together, strengthening health systems and health service delivery, to focus on the next critical piece—data collection and use.

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