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JSI supports Women's Health Resource Centers in Kosovo

January 13, 2017

JSI has partnered with Action for Mothers and Children (AMC) on a range of initiatives to improve maternal and child health in Kosovo. JSI helped AMC to develop a network of Women’s Health Resource Centers (WHRC), which provide essential information for pregnant women, new mothers and their families within the government’s primary care infrastructure, growing it from one to five Centers, with another four to open shortly.

The expansion was realized through grants and public-private partnerships. JSI helped AMC to negotiate with the Kosovo government, multilateral institutions, and foreign governments.The initiative has already achieved impact, reaching over 2,500 women with an informal evaluation indicating those who attended WHRCs are more prepared in the delivery room and experience fewer complications.The Ministry of Health is now advocating for a WHRC in each major town across Kosovo, and has officially accredited the WHRCs. JSI has strengthened WHRC by collaborating with AMC and local medical leaders to develop and implement new teaching curriculae using modern, evidence-based information, and adult-centered learning practices. JSI undertook broader capacity development of AMC, collaboratively developing community outreach and marketing campaigns and new educational and promotional materials.

JSI led training exercises including a multi-day program that brought former staff under JSI's Sustain project (Georgia) to train 30 doctors and midwives and share best practices. JSI also helped to develop, the only website of its kind offering pre- and postnatal advice in three languages tailored to the experience in Kosovo. JSI continues to work with AMC and other stakeholders on a national strategy to improve the low breastfeeding rates in Kosovo, and on efforts to further strengthen the WHRC initiative.