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New Guide for Improving Immunization in Ethiopia

July 14, 2015

The Universal Immunization through Improving Family Health Services (UI-FHS) project recently completed a new technical “how-to” guide on its Reaching Every District Using Quality Improvement Methods (RED-QI) approach. RED-QI aims to strengthen the routine immunization system through the application of practical QI models and tools. UI-FHS is planning to scale up the approach in Ethiopia in up to 128 woredas (districts) over the next four years. An important feature of RED-QI is its potential to address large, high-priority problems (such as persistently high dropout rates) by breaking them into their component parts and introducing small changes that can quickly be tested and evaluated for adoption, adaption, or abandonment at the local level.

“Reaching Every District Using Quality Improvement Methods (RED-QI): A Guide for Immunization Program Managers” conveys the essential knowledge and tools needed to conduct RED-QI with limited or no outside support. The guide reflects lessons on implementing RED-QI over the past three years through UI-FHS, and provides guidance to program managers.

Download the guide.

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