The Family Planning and Logistics Management (FPLM) project, implemented in Botswana in the late 1980s, was JSI’s first foray in the country. Since then, JSI’s has focused primarily on HIV prevention and care, working with the Government of Botswana, USAID, the Gates Foundation, and others to institutionalize safe injection practices, distribute commodities, secure antiretroviral treatments, and more. Recently, JSI has furthered its commitment to improving safe injection practices in Botswana, heading up the USAID and CDC-funded Making Medical Injections Safer (MMIS) project, and its in-country follow-up initiative, the Botswana Injection Safety Project. Our work strenthenging HIV and logistics systems in Botswana has also continued through the AIDSTAR-One and Supply Chain Management System programs.


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Botswana Injection Safety Project

JSI implemented the Botswana Injection Safety Project to prevent the medical transmission of HIV and other bloodborne infections through injection safety and health care waste management interventions.

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AIDSTAR-One (AIDS Support & Technical Assistance Resources)

AIDSTAR-One synthesized and disseminated scientific research and models of successful program implementation in all areas of HIV, and provided targeted technical assistance to build effective, sustainable programs.

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Supply Chain Management System (SCMS)

JSI and its partners strengthened global procurement and distribution systems for essential HIV&AIDS medicines and supplies in over 20 countries, leading to lowered costs and better availability in some of the hardest to reach areas of the world.

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