Sierra Leone

Since 2000, JSI has leveraged its commitment and expertise in public health to assist the Sierra Leone government in strengthening the health system and meeting people’s needs. With deep understanding of the issues and flexible approaches, JSI has been responding effectively to realities on the ground as well as emerging public health needs.

JSI worked with USAID’s Basic Support for Institutionalizing Child Survival (BASICS) program, providing essential nutrition and health commodities to newborns. JSI has also worked with the Institute of Reproductive Health for Refugees, providing reproductive health services and combating gender-based violence among the large population of displaced persons within the country.

JSI works collaboratively with the country’s government and educational institutions, private sector partners, and non-governmental organizations to develop and implement sustainable solutions that improve public health. JSI contributes to the strengthening of the country’s health supply chains, has rehabilitated health facilities to improve quality of care and strengthen demand, improved data systems, built capacity at all levels of the health system, and engaged communities to become part of the solution.


View details: Advancing Partners & Communities, Sierra Leone

Advancing Partners & Communities, Sierra Leone

In Sierra Leone, JSI is strengthening critical community-based health services post-Ebola, with emphasis on reproductive, maternal, newborn, and child health and demand generation.

View details: UNFPA Reproductive Health Supply Chain Assessments Project

UNFPA Reproductive Health Supply Chain Assessments Project

This collaboration between UNFPA and JSI focuses on three specific phases of work: analysis, strategic interventions, and reducing bottlenecks and building capacity in Sierra Leone, Nigeria, DRC, and Kenya.

View details: END Neglected Tropical Diseases in Africa

END Neglected Tropical Diseases in Africa

More than a billion people suffer from neglected tropical diseases that cause illness, disability, and loss of productivity. JSI is building capacity in supply chain management, including quantification of medicines used for preventive chemotherapy (PCT).

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