JSI’s first activity in Mali was the ENTERPRISE Project, implemented there in the late 1980s to establish and improve family planning services through private-sector health systems. JSI has continued to support improvements in family planning, and maternal, child, reproductive, and environmental health in Mali, employing expertise in wide range of technical areas, including immunization, health logistics, and information technology.

Between 1999 and 2003, JSI collaborated with its affiliate, World Education, Inc., and USAID to implement the Programme Denmiseniya Yiriwali, an initiative that addressed Mali’s rapid population growth and high maternal mortality rates through social marketing of contraceptive commodities, peer education on reproductive health and basic nutrition, and counseling for youth.

JSI has also provided technical assistance and capacity building services to the Mother and Child Health Integrated Program (MCHIP) and  the Maternal and Child Survival Project (MCSP), evaluating and meeting the specific needs of communities in order to improve health outcomes for high-burden and vulnerable populations. We fostered effective policy, program learning, and accountability for improved outcomes across the continuum of care.

Through MEASURE Evaluation, JSI's activities have focused on strengthening the health management information system (HMIS) a critical sub-system of the routine health information system (RHIS) and addressing other M&E needs per the request of the USAID Mission. in 2015, MEASURE Evaluation was asked to support the Mali Ministry of Health (MoH) to strengthen disease surveillance systems to better respond to Ebola Virus Disease and other infectious diseases.


View details: IVCC Indoor Residual Spraying Forecasting

IVCC Indoor Residual Spraying Forecasting

JSI is supporting IVCC with forecasting NGenIRS requirements, and setting up sustainable IRS forecasting processes through conducting regional workshops and developing a forecasting tool and guide.

View details: Making Lifesaving Treatments Available to Children in Rural Mali

Making Lifesaving Treatments Available to Children in Rural Mali

A dedicated community health worker, trained through the MCHIP project,provides preventive health care, malaria testing, and treatment to help savethe lives of children in Kita district.

View details: Supply Chain Support for the International Trachoma Initiative

Supply Chain Support for the International Trachoma Initiative

Trachoma, an infectious eye disease, is the world's leading cause of preventable blindness. JSI is providing technical and logistics support to the International Trachoma Initiative, to treat infected populations with azithromycin.

View details: USAID | DELIVER PROJECT: Emerging Pandemic Threats

USAID | DELIVER PROJECT: Emerging Pandemic Threats

JSI managed a stockpile of outbreak response commodities, and provided procurement and distribution services to respond to outbreaks from avian flu to ebola worldwide and to pre-position supplies at regional and country levels for rapid deployment.

View details: MEASURE Evaluation

MEASURE Evaluation

As a MEASURE Evaluation partner, JSI has provided technical support in developing countries to build the capacity of individuals and organizations to collect and analyze technically sound data, and use that data for health decisionmaking.

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