With more than 30 years experience in Indonesia, JSI fosters partnerships between government and civil society institutions, international development organizations, and the private sector to improve public health through health systems strengthening and maternal, child, and reproductive health programs. Use of research results and other evidence to improve programs and policies is a hallmark of JSI's work, as we introduce new technologies, essential drugs, contraceptives and related health products, and innovative approaches to improve public health.

In Indonesia, a nation of 242 million people, 700 languages, 17,500 islands, and 34 decentralized provinces, JSI is working to overcome complex logistical challenges and strengthen the country’s health supply chain. Through the USAID | DELIVER PROJECT, JSI implemented a range of activities to improve Indonesia’s public health commodity security, including providing technical assistance to national programs to address and prevent emerging pandemic threats; helping the country meet the Global Health Initiative strategy goal of diagnosing and treating 1 million tuberculosis patients; and comprehensively analyzing the availability, finances, and policy related to family planning commodities.

Currently, JSI is providing the supply chain component to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation-funded Reinvigorating Family Planning in Indonesia project. The logistics work complements the “Right Time, Right Method, My Choice” behavior change campaign to improve product availability in 11 pilot districts through an implementation research approach.

In 2014, the Implant Access Program (IAP), also funded by the Gates Foundation, facilitated a quantification exercise in Indonesia for all family planning commodities with representatives from BkkbN. Through the IAP project, JSI and a group of organizations collaborated to make contraceptive implants more available to help the global community reach the FP2020 goal.

Past collaborations have included the Indonesia Norplant Surveillance Project, an action research project funded by the Asian Development Bank and managed by JSI to monitor the introduction of Norplant, a contraceptive implant for birth control.

The Health Services Program worked with private and public health providers to strengthen health systems. JSI left a lasting legacy of improved maternal and newborn health in Indonesia and was instrumental in helping rebuild the health sector in Aceh Province after the 2004 tsunami and providing emergency relief after the earthquakes in 2008. JSI's work with partner organizations through HSP was published in the Maternal and Child Health Journal: Maternal characteristics and clinical diagnoses influence obstetrical outcomes in Indonesia. JSI also provided technical assistance to the province of Central Java for the development of improved health service management and delivery of key maternal and child health services under the World Bank's Child Health and Nutrition III Program.

Our initiatives in Indonesia have also included large-scale global projects, such as USAID’s AIDSTAR-One and the Maternal and Child Health Integrated Program (MCHIP).


View details: Building Healthy Cities

Building Healthy Cities

Building Healthy Cities works with Smart Cities and urban health structures to add value via improved health goals and metrics in infrastructure and ICT projects, enhanced data systems, and increased efficiency of multisector urban spending.

View details: JSI serves Indonesian earthquake survivors

JSI serves Indonesian earthquake survivors

JSI's Health Services Program supports a 45-member medical team in providing mobile health services to areas in Central Java that were most stricken by Indonesia's massive 2006 earthquake.

View details: Indonesia MyChoice Project

Indonesia MyChoice Project

JSI is improving the contraceptive supply chain in Indonesia to help ensure consistent product availability thereby increasing the use of family planning methods. The project will share data for future use by Indonesia's National FP Coordinating Board.

View details: JSI Health Services Program helps mother-to-be in Indonesia

JSI Health Services Program helps mother-to-be in Indonesia

The Desa Siap Antar Jaga initiative, supported by JSI's Health Services Project in Jakarta, Indonesia, provides emergency transportation to a nearby hospital for a woman in labor.

View details: Indonesia Health Services Program (HSP)

Indonesia Health Services Program (HSP)

JSI's HSP strengthened maternal and child health services at the district level, building capacity at health facilities, NGOs, and the private sector. HSP also rebuilt the health system in Aceh District after the tsunami and addressed avian influenza.

View details: Building the capacity of communities to address mental health in Indonesia

Building the capacity of communities to address mental health in Indonesia

JSI's Health Services Project used a community-based approach to respond to poor or non-existent mental health services in Indonesia.

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