JSI has provided technical assistance and training focused on improving maternal and reproductive health in Albania since 1995. Through the Family Planning Service Expansion and Technical Support (SEATS) project and the Europe and Eurasia Family Planning Activity, followed by the Albania Family Planning Activity, JSI assisted the Albanian government to improve family planning and reproductive health care, especially for women. JSI has continued to work in Albania in health care logistics management through the USAID | DELIVER PROJECT, lending technical assistance through the program's Supply Chain Management for Outbreak Response program, which is helping ensure the country has disease surveillance, pathogen detection, and outbreak response plans.


View details: USAID | DELIVER PROJECT: Emerging Pandemic Threats

USAID | DELIVER PROJECT: Emerging Pandemic Threats

JSI managed a stockpile of outbreak response commodities, and provided procurement and distribution services to respond to outbreaks from avian flu to ebola worldwide and to pre-position supplies at regional and country levels for rapid deployment.

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Europe & Eurasia Regional Family Planning Activity

This three-year initiative was designed to leverage best practices in family planning with the goal of accelerating FP program implementation across the region, ultimately increasing modern contraceptive use and decreasing abortion rates.

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