Providing Policy Solutions

At the core of transforming ideas into actionable solutions is the ability to empathize with users, understand their needs, and have contextual understanding of their environment. JSI uses human-centered design (HCD) to gather evidence from stakeholders to inform the design of national initiatives and policy, while fostering community ownership.

Our Work

Sierra Leone:
In partnership with Sierra Leone’s Ministry of Health and Sanitation, the JSI-led Advancing Partners & Communities project developed and implemented a strategy and toolkit to establish and strengthen more than 200 facility management committees (FMCs) l in the project’s five districts. Learn more

: The JSI-led Advancing Partners and Communities (APC) and Community Health and Social Welfare Systems Strengthening projects are working with the design firm Matchboxology to pilot a health care delivery approach that would inform national policy and program development, ensuring district and community level engagement. The following video looks at how this approach was used to convene stakeholders from various levels of the health system to identify local needs and generate ideas to strengthen the content and process for finalizing the community-based health program design.