Costing Public Health Supply Chains

Knowing the true costs of operating a supply chain is essential to improving strategic and tactical decisions, financial planning, and budgeting, and increasing the sustainability of the supply chain system. This is particularly true for public health supply chains, given their role in ensuring that essential health commodities are available where and when users need them.

JSI has conducted more than 30 costing studies for essential medicines, family planning, immunization supply chains, and more in countries around the globe. We’ve developed tools and methodologies for robust cost analysis and lead thinking on the application of economic evaluation in public health supply chains. Our approach is customized to meet our clients’ objectives and the results have helped our clients design and finance supply chains that are capable of meeting public health needs in the future. Our supply chain cost analyses include:
  • Baseline system costs and cost reasonableness: evaluate the cost structure of the current system and compare to systems with similar characteristics.
  • Scenario planning: compare costs of supply chain elements and service levels.
  • Network modeling: compare performance and costs of various supply chain designs.
  • Economic analysis: Estimate cost and performance impact of a specific investment or intervention, including return on investment and cost-benefit analysis.
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