PipeLine Software

What is PipeLine?

To be successful, public health programs must always have enough medicines and supplies to meet the needs of their clients. At the same time, programs must avoid surpluses that waste products and money. PipeLine is a desktop software tool that helps program managers plan optimal procurement and delivery schedules for health commodities, and it monitors their orders throughout the supply chain. Policymakers, product suppliers, and donors can generate reports, estimate future product needs, and use the software for program planning. PipeLine has been used in more than 40 countries to manage reproductive health commodities, essential medicines, anti-retroviral testing and treatment, malaria testing and treatment, lab supplies, and TB treatment.

How does PipeLine work?

For each medicine or health product in a program, PipeLine helps track—
  • rate of use
  • total quantity available at all storage and health care facilities
  • total amount of losses (due to expiry and damage) or transfers
  • time required for the product to arrive after it is ordered.
With these data, PipeLine can be used to—
  • identify when to order new products and what actions are needed to do so
  • identify shortfalls, surpluses, stockouts, and other pipeline problems
  • forecast future needs.
PipeLine Version 5.2 is an upgrade to the 2010 release, version 5.0. The new version provides the software in three additional languages and resolves several outstanding issues experienced by some users of PipeLine 5.0. New features enhance forecast data entry. Features added in version 5.0—new fields and reports that allow you to describe and display details of shipments and consumption of health commodities for virtually any type of product— continue in version 5.2.

PipeLine 5.2

PipeLine 5.2 is available in English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and Vietnamese. If you wish to use PipeLine in Arabic, we recommend that you continue to use version 4.0.

Download PipeLine

To use Pipeline, you must download and install the software zip file and then request a password from JSI to use the software. Click here to complete the PipeLine Password Request Form, after completing the form you should receive an email from JSI with the software password. Please email supplychain@jsi.com with any questions.

Click here to download the PipeLine 5.2 zip file (English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and Vietnamese).

Click here to download the PipeLine 4 zip file (includes the above languages plus Arabic).

The PipeLine file is large (285 MB). 

PipeLine Estimated Download Times
(Your actual download time may be faster or slower)
Speed Hours Minutes
T1 0 30
DSL/Broadband 3 0
56k If your connection is 56 kbps or less, download is more than 12 hours. We recommend ordering a CD.  

Installation instructions:

Click the links below for instructions on installing PipeLine 4.0:
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