Environmental Health

Poor environmental conditions in high-risk communities have long been the target of JSI’s global health efforts. JSI has worked with clients to identify environmental health issues, develop programs and policies, integrate population and health services into environmental programs (and vice-versa), and support implementation strategies. In countries throughout the world, JSI has focused on reducing illness and death among children under five from the three major diseases related to adverse environmental conditions: diarrhea, pneumonia, and malaria. Decreasing infectious diseases has been a part of this effort as well.

At the community and household level, this work has incorporated improved sanitation, water supply, and communal, domestic, and personal hygiene; reduction of indoor air pollution from smoky cooking fires/cookstoves; and implementing community projects to control disease vectors.

At the institutional level, JSI has assisted health ministries to establish disease surveillance systems and trained their staff to use them effectively. We have researched connections between health and environment, written location-specific environmental health profiles, helped to build capacity, created joint environment/health projects, assisted with developing partnerships, provided education and training, produced behavior change materials addressing primary health care, family planning and conservation, and created model programs to engage and support multicultural populations trying to resolve environmental justice issues.

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View details: Madagascar Community-Based Integrated Health Program (CBIHP -also called MAHEFA)

Madagascar Community-Based Integrated Health Program (CBIHP -also called MAHEFA)

Madagascar is one of the world's poorest countries, with 80% of the population living in remote, poverty-stricken areas. JSI implements this program to improve access to and use of health services and safe water, hygiene, and sanitation.

View details: Modeling healthy behavior for the community in Ethiopia

Modeling healthy behavior for the community in Ethiopia

A mother in Oromia uses the training she received from the Essential Services for Health in Ethiopia (ESHE) Project to raise health and sanitation standards in her community.

View details: Environmental Health Project (EHP)

Environmental Health Project (EHP)

JSI conducted overall program monitoring and evaluation in health policy, epidemiology, health and hygiene education, and surveillance for this USAID-funded project to improve environmental conditions and reduce exposure to infectious agents.

View details: Sudan Health Transformation Project (SHTP)

Sudan Health Transformation Project (SHTP)

JSI worked to rebuild the health system in post-conflict Southern Sudan and increase use of health, water, and sanitation services and practices by building the capacity of the government, ministry of health, and NGOs.

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