Program Development

JSI understands that successful program development enables an organization to improve health care and human service delivery as well as to achieve financial stability. We help organizations plan innovative programs, develop a knowledgeable workforce, enhance revenue, and adapt and integrate new technical areas and systems as appropriate. We enable clients to transform their project ideas into realities by helping them set goals and objectives and take the steps necessary to achieve them.

JSI takes a participatory approach to program development that is culturally appropriate and includes partner institution involvement and community participation. We specialize in developing the skills and knowledge of those directly affected by public health issues, so that they may become effective partners and leaders in advancing effective initiatives.

JSI helps health care facilities to better integrate services to meet patient needs and reduce missed opportunities to improve care for families.

We build-in quality indicators to ensure every project’s success can be accurately monitored and measured. JSI works with both public and private sector partners and community groups to use data to improve programs, and to adapt evaluation and monitoring methods to meet specific needs.


View details: Ethiopia Integrated Family Health Program Plus

Ethiopia Integrated Family Health Program Plus

Through IFHP Plus, JSI is improving maternal and child health and increasing the availability and quality of services, products, and information, and strengthening the national health system to support local health needs.

View details: Good information leads to good will in Pakistan

Good information leads to good will in Pakistan

A dedicated young member of a local leadership group in Dadu, Pakistan is trained by the PAIMAN project in maternal and child health sensitization, and helps save the lives of a mother and newborn during an emergency childbirth.

View details: Advancing Partners & Communities

Advancing Partners & Communities

JSI is supporting and advancing community programs in more than 30 countries that seek to improve local health services, especially those related to family planning.

View details: Providing support for vulnerable children across Kenya

Providing support for vulnerable children across Kenya

A coordinator for the BARAA project's orphaned and vulnerable children program in Kenya receives support from the New Partners Initiative and connects youth and children with essential HIV services.

View details: Ethiopia - Maternal and Neonatal Health in Ethiopia Partnership (MaNHEP)

Ethiopia - Maternal and Neonatal Health in Ethiopia Partnership (MaNHEP)

MaNHEP is a Gates Foundation-funded initiative that is using a "lead woreda approach" to improve maternal and newborn health in two rural regions of the country and to demonstrate its broader scalability.

View details: Georgia Survive Project

Georgia Survive Project

Through the Survive Project, JSI increased public awareness of breast and cervical cancer among reproductive aged women by promoting screening, strengthened referral systems, and reinforced provider skill through trainings.

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