Project Impact

JSI works to achieve specific results for our clients - results that ultimately improve health systems, services, and, ultimately, people's lives.

These results highlight just a few of the projects where JSI has achieved impact in the United States and around the world.


A groundbreaking nutrition program in Nepal became a model for the rest of the world.
A simple tool used by community health workers significantly increased immunization coverage in India.
Empowering local leaders in Zambia to address the structural factors that drive HIV in their chiefdoms.
Groundbreaking oral rehydration campaign in Egypt dramatically reduced diarrheal-related deaths.
Improving the ability of 28 organizations to provide HIV services in 12 African countries.
Integrated clinical and health education reach populations most at risk for HIV in Central Asia.
Introducing Child Health Registers to Collect Routine Child Health Data in Mozambique
Mapping the Tanzanian Road Network to Support Supply Chain Deliveries
Mass-media campaigns increased public awareness about cancer in South Africa and Mexico.
Radically transforming the policy, practice, and culture around RH and childbirth in the former Soviet Union.