Knowledge Management Services (KMS)

Dates: 2011-2014

Geographic Scope: Worldwide

Client(s): USAID

Services: Monitoring, Evaluation, and Research, Knowledge Management

Technical Expertise: Maternal, Newborn & Child Health, Family Planning & Reproductive Health, Social and Behavior Change, HIV, Infectious Diseases, Research, Monitoring, and Evaluation, Nutrition, Youth & Adolescent Health/OVC

The Knowledge Management Services project supports the USAID Bureau for Global Health (GH) and, through GH, other USAID operating units carrying out the United States Government's (USG's) Global Health Initiative, a $63 billion commitment to address some of the most serious health problems facing the world's poorest people. KMS activities support the strategic priorities for U.S. assistance in health: HIV/AIDS, maternal and child health, malaria, family planning and reproductive health, tuberculosis, other public health threats, Avian and pandemic influenza, orphans and vulnerable children, and nutrition.

Implemented by Insight Systems Corporation and John Snow, Inc., KMS staff collaborate closely with USAID/Washington personnel and partners, and provide services in three areas:

  • Data Analysis, Data Management, and Reporting: including analysis of health, program, and financial data and the production of related reports to support senior management decisions and investments, to comply with Congressional reporting requests and requirements, and to inform external audiences of USAID health programs;
  • Systems Development, Operation, and Maintenance: including the maintenance of existing databases and other IT resources such as the Global Health Bureau's internet and intranet sites, the development of new systems and/or databases, the introduction and application of new IT tools, the promotion of practices to provide better access to and sharing of information and knowledge to help guide the design and and management of USAID health programs; and
  • Communication, Education, and Outreach: including the development and use of communication products and services to raise awareness and understanding of global health issues and activities within USAID and among the informed public, both US and foreign, as well as among NGOs, PVOs, and decision-makers in global health.

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