West Bank & Gaza Hanan Maternal and Child Health and Nutrition (MCHN)

Dates: 2005-2008

Country: West Bank

Client(s): USAID

Services: Technical Assistance, Training, Capacity Development

Technical Expertise: Newborn and Child Health , Social and Behavior Change, Health Systems Strengthening, Maternal Health

Website: http://hanan.jsi.com/

Although access to health care has improved overall in recent years, limited health-seeking behavior, lack of social security, and continually deteriorating living conditions remain as barriers to better health for women and children living in the Palestinian territories. Results from Hanan's household baseline survey, conducted in late 2005, indicated low coverage of timely antenatal and postnatal care and high levels of iron deficiency anemia. Women's knowledge of danger signs in pregnancy, and of dietary practices to help prevent iron deficiency anemia is limited.

Hanan was a three year USAID-funded project implemented by JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc., in partnership with American Near East Refugee Aid (ANERA) and Emerging Markets Group, Ltd. (EMG). The project benefited 190,000 women of reproductive age and 168,000 children under 5 living in the West Bank and Gaza, by improving their access to quality maternal and child health and nutrition (MCHN) services and by promoting positive household and community MCHN-related behaviors. Hanan provided technical support and strengthened service delivery for 122 partner clinics and hospitals. Complementary community mobilization and communications and marketing interventions have created demand for essential MCHN services and indirectly reached even more beneficiaries.


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