UNFPA Nepal's NGO Sustainability and Evaluation of Population and Reproductive Health Integrated Project

Dates: 2010

Country: Nepal

Client(s): UNFPA

Services: Technical Assistance, Assessment, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Research, Program Development, Strategic Planning, Capacity Development

Technical Expertise: Health Systems Strengthening, HIV , Research, Monitoring, and Evaluation

In 2009, JSI responded to a UNFPA request to address the need to strengthen organizational capacity and sustainability of local NGOs in Nepal. JSI led an assessment of sustainability and organizational capacity of six district-based NGOs in Nepal. The assessment was funded by UNFPA to explore ways to sustain those NGOs' activities as UNFPA begins to phase-out direct program support. All six NGOs carried out facilitated self-assessments using JSI's Organizational Capacity Assessment (OCA) Tool, resulting in action plans and a number of areas requiring substantial capacity building. In 2010, JSI will conduct similar OCAs with four larger NGOs based in Kathmandu. UNFPA expected that one or more of the centrally-based NGOs will have sufficient capacity to serve as a resource center for the six NGOs assessed in 2009, providing the latter with some of the needed technical assistance to realize their 2009 action plans.

JSI also conducted a Population and Reproductive Health Integrated project (PARHI) program review and assessment in 2010, two years after UNFPA implemented a program transition at the end of 2008. The PARHI review informed district program staff about the context and rationale of the UNFPA program transition. To support this program transition UNFPA Nepal provided evidence of what has worked and also showed that their work was aligned with the transition principles and transitory work that the District Development Committees (DDCs) can replicate.