Sudan Health Transformation Project II (SHTP II) Wau

Dates: 2012

Country: South Sudan

Client(s): USAID

Services: Technical Assistance, Program Development, Training

Technical Expertise: Newborn and Child Health , Environmental Health, Social and Behavior Change, Health Systems Strengthening, HIV , Infectious Diseases, Maternal Health

The Sudan Health Transformation Project II (SHTP II) Wau works to improve the access and utilization of health services to improve the well-being of children, mothers, and families. The project focuses on strengthening the demand and use of a package of seven integrated high-impact services: 1) immunizations; 2) vitamin A supplementation for children; 3) antenatal care (including home base life savings skills); 4) oral rehydration therapy (ORT) for the management of diarrhea; 5) long-lasting insecticide bednet distribution and use; 6) case management of malaria; and 7) case management of acute respiratory infections.

SHTP II Wau strengthens relationships developed and capacity building activities undertaken with the Wau County Health Department (CHD) during SHTP I, and thus further strengthens the capacity of the department to provide high-impact health and sanitation services. The SHTP II Wau team works closely with the CHD to provide technical services to 12 health facilities in Wau County.

Broadly stated, the goals and objectives of SHTP II in Wau North and Wau South Payams project are to:
1. Provide assistance for overall direction, technical assistance, and coordination of public health activities throughout the 2 Payams;
2. Strengthen state- and county-level staff capacity to manage and perform logistics, health information, human resource, M&E, finance and administration, and other functions; and
3. Ensure consistent and complete delivery of the Basic Package of Health Services (BPHS), either through direct BPHS management and implementation or, in areas where NGOs are potentially available for partnership working with them.

JSI is specifically collaborating with the Wau CHD and the MOH-WBGS to train Home Health Promoters (HHPs) to help boost community mobilization and outreach services in parts of Wau County supported by SHTP II. The JSI STHP II Wau team has worked closely with the CHD to develop a behavior change communication (BCC) strategy for Wau County. The strategy includes BCC activities for malaria prevention and treatment at the community level and primary health care levels (PHCUs/PHCCs). JSI and SHTP II partners, MSH and PSI, recently procured 16,320 long-lasting insecticide-treated bedneds (LLINs) to combat malaria, and distributed them through 12 health facilities in Wau North and Wau South Payams. JSI has worked closely with the CHD and primary health care facilities to distribute LLINs through ANC services. Management Sciences for Health is the prime implementing agency on this project, and JSI is a subcontractor.