Liberia Fellows Program

Dates: 2007-2017

Country: Liberia

Client(s): Humanity United, Nike, McCall MacBain, OSI, Belinda Stronach, Rockefeller Foundation

Services: Technical Assistance, Program Development, Strategic Planning, Training, Capacity Development

Technical Expertise: Human Resources Management

Despite recent progress, Liberia’s human resources are severely depleted and finding qualified people to fill official vacancies remains an enormous challenge. To address this, the Liberia Fellows Program places midcareer professionals, chosen through a highly competitive international selection process, to work directly with Cabinet-level Ministers and Senior Officials.

Fellows typically work as "special assistants" to Ministers or other officials, taking on a wide variety of tasks, ranging from economic affairs, public policy, agriculture, health, legal, speechwriting, ministerial coordination and administration. The basic goal is to support the Ministers in their full range of activities and to make them more effective and efficient in all that they do.

The Liberia Fellows program began in mid-2007 with a grant from Ed Scott and an inaugural class of six fellows. Today in Monrovia there are six fellows, including two Liberians and three women. As the program enters its fourth year, all 17 Liberian fellows recruited back to the country through this program have remained in Liberia to continue to serve their country. Three were given Presidential appointments and the others continue to serve as senior officials within the Government of Liberia. Of the non-Liberian Fellows, five have stayed in-country.