Guatemala: NGO Networking Project/Proyecto Pro Redes Salud en el Altiplano

Dates: 2001-2004

Country: Guatemala

Client(s): USAID

Service: Technical Assistance

Technical Expertise: Health Systems Strengthening

In the NGO Networks Project, JSI promoted the increased use of reproductive and child health (RCH) services by the Mayan population in seven altiplano (Guatemalan highlands) departments in Guatemala through strengthening and supporting NGO networks. The project worked to expand current NGO networks as well as build new NGO Networks and their abilities to provide accessible, Mayan-centered, gender sensitive, well-managed quality health services. The project undertook these tasks via technical support, capacity building, training and grants. As a result of the project, the selected NGO networks now have the knowledge and tools to grow into more sustainable organizations providing worthy health services. The project ended September 30, 2004.


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