Ukraine Maternal and Infant Health Project II

Dates: 2006-2012

Country: Ukraine

Client(s): USAID

Services: Technical Assistance, Training, Capacity Development

Technical Expertise: Family Planning & Reproductive Health, Maternal Health, Newborn and Child Health

The Maternal and Infant Health Project II (MIHP-II) rolled out services and key evidence-based medicine (EBM) interventions that were developed and employed during the life of the project's predecessor, MIHP I. With funding from USAID, private sector funding, and the support (financial, logistical, legal, and technical) of the MOH and participating facilities, JSI achieved nearly complete roll-out by the end of the project.

Through MIHP-II, JSI continued to improve women's reproductive and newborn health and increase public awareness of healthy behaviors. In new facilities, JSI achieved the same profile of results observed under the former MIHP—the development of family-friendly delivery rooms, the reduction of practices such as amniotomies and episiotomies, and an increase in free position during delivery, immediate breastfeeding, and the rooming-in of mothers and newborns.

USAID's April/May 2011 publication, Frontlines, featured an article on MIHP-II: USAID Advances Maternal Care in Ukraine.

Read a personal narrative from USAID's Impact blog on the lasting changes of JSI's program: Giving Birth in Ukraine: So Different From My Parents’ Experience, by Olya Myrtsalo.


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