Feed the Future Ethiopia Studying Animal Food Markets in Rural Areas (SAFIRA)

Country: Ethiopia

Client(s): USAID

Service: Monitoring, Evaluation, and Research

Technical Expertise: Maternal, Newborn & Child Health, Nutrition, Social and Behavior Change

JSI and its partners propose to answer a research question that is key to maximizing the role that markets can play to support improved nutrition, especially in the first 1000 days: Can market-centered interventions successfully increase the intake of animal-sourced foods (ASFs) in children 6 – 23 months of age in Tigray, Ethiopia?

Leveraging the important social and informational role that rural markets play in Ethiopia, and understanding the contributors to malnutrition in the Tigray Region, JSI will 1) conduct qualitative research to define key practices that may improve the availability and affordability of and the demand for ASFs in local markets, 2) identify additional barriers to the purchase and consumption of ASFs among consumers, and 3) inform a package of supply- and demand-side behavior change interventions leveraging incentives and reducing key barriers to sale, purchase, and consumption of ASFs in 30 local market areas in Tigray.

SAFIRA will use the results of this research to understand impact, identify additional questions, and determine possible adaptations and inputs that may improve outcomes. JSI will also use our data to assess the cost of our approach and the potential for scale-up of market-centered interventions to increase consumption of ASFs or other nutrient-rich foods across Ethiopia or in other countries around the world.