PATHS2 - Nigeria

Dates: 2008-2014

Country: Nigeria

Client(s): Department for International Development (DFID)

Services: Technical Assistance, Assessment, Applied Technology, Strategic Planning, Training

Technical Expertise: Health Supply Chain Management

Phase Two of the Partnership for Transforming Health Systems (PATHS 2) in Nigeria was funded by the UK Department for International Development (DFID). JSI was a partner in a consortium led by Abt Associates. PATHS 2 operated in six states and focused on improving the capacity of state and local health systems to finance, manage, and deliver sustainable and replicable pro-poor health services for common health problems in Nigeria. Under the DFID PATHS 2 Project, JSI contributed to the Procurement and Logistics of health commodities (including commodities for Infectious diseases HIV/AIDS/ TB/ Malaria). Outputd included: 1) addressing the Development of Stewardship at the Federal Level; 2) ensuring that Phase III drugs and medical equipment are supplied to the appropriate hospitals and clinics in a planned and timely fashion under the Health Commodities Project (HCP) Transition Plan; 3) focusing on the development and implementation of a minimum package of essential services and the further development of a drug revolving fund at the facility level; 4) providing the lead states with support to put in place social accountability mechanisms for health services, a complaint system, an Ombudsman, etc.; and 5) constituting a working group to review existing BCC strategies and materials, propose acceptance and adaptation, and identify gaps.