Central Asia Quality Health Project (ZdravPlus II Project)

Dates: 2005-2009

Countries: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan

Client(s): USAID

Service: Technical Assistance

Technical Expertise: Health Systems Strengthening, Maternal Health

The ZdravPlus project supported an integrated and comprehensive approach to health systems strengthening and quality improvements in service delivery. JSI was a sub-contractor and Abt the prime contractor on this project.

Key project components included:

  • Stewardship:Strengthen national and local governance, leadership, and capacity to continue improvements in health services through the design and implementation of evidence-based policies, laws, and guidelines and cost-efficient institutional structures, roles, and relationships.
  • Resource use: Increase equitable access to health services and supplies, through the design and implementation of health financing mechanisms, including pooling of health funds, provider payment systems, health insurance, and basic benefit and outpatient drug benefit packages.
  • Service delivery: Improve the quality of services according to evidence-based practices at hospital and primary care facilities, through clinical training and mentoring and quality improvement and performance monitoring systems.
  • Population and community empowerment: Empower individuals and communities to take actions to maintain and improve their health status, and specifically to access, utilize, and benefit from health services of higher quality and at affordable costs.

JSI played a lead role on the project in improving quality of care and enhancing the population's involvement in health care.


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