Performance-based contracting of NGOs in Liberia

Dates: 2008

Country: Liberia

Client(s): Liberian Ministry of Health and Social Welfare

Services: Assessment, Program Development, Strategic Planning

Technical Expertise: Health Systems Strengthening

The Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MOH&SW) of Liberia contracted John Snow Inc. (JSI) to work with a Ministry team to conduct a situational assessment of Liberia's capacity to contract with NGOs to deliver a basic package of health services (BPHS). JSI also developed a National Health Strategy/Policy on Contracting, and, based upon the Contracting Strategy, designed a contracting model for Liberia that will increase access to services included in the basic package of health.

The assessment is a general overview of Liberia's capacity to contract with NGOs to deliver the BPHS. Given that Liberia is currently in the process of building its health care system from the bottom up, the assessment touches upon the key systems within the Liberian health sector that are imperative for successful contracting with NGOs for the BPHS. Through this assessment, the MOH&SW explored the best ways to ensure a smooth transition from humanitarian relief to development and sustainable strengthening of the health care sector.

Based upon the assessment, JSI helped the MOH&SW develop a strategic framework (policy) for contracting as well as an implementation plan and contract template.