Ethiopia Health Management Information System Strengthening Project

Dates: 2006-2012

Country: Ethiopia

Client(s): USAID

Service: Applied Technology

Technical Expertise: Applied Technology

The Health Management Information System (HMIS) Scale-up Project is a pivotal component of the Health Sector Transformation Program (HSTP) of the Federal Ministry of Health (FMOH) of Ethiopia. In September 2009 at the request of the FMOH, USAID/Ethiopia asked JSI, through MEASURE Evaluation, to assist in the scale-up of the reformed Health Management Information System and Monitoring and Evaluation (HMIS/M&E) strategy. The project is now coordinated by JSI’s Advancing Partners & Communities project (APC) in Washington D.C. and is implemented by 39 local staff members in two regions of Ethiopia; Southern Nations Nationalities and Peoples’ Region (SNNPR) and Oromia.

In SNNPR; there are 4,459 health facilities which are comprised of 23 Hospitals, 703 Health Centers, and 3,733 Health Posts. These facilities are located in 19 Zones and 152 Woredas (Districts). The project has assisted the Regional Health Bureau (RHB) of SNNPR to scale up HMIS in all of these facilities by implementing a reformed HMIS. Many facilities are now using a computerized HMIS/monitoring and evaluation data processing and reporting application known as electronic HMIS (eHMIS).

In Oromia; 4,430 out of the 6,005 rural agrarian community Health Posts are implementing the Community Health Information System (CHIS). CHIS is improving data quality and information use at the local health posts, and has contributed to better supervision, staff motivation, and better targeting of family-oriented services.

The project has trained over 30,000 health workers and managers in HMIS, CHIS, and eHMIS. These trainings will continue to take place until the end of the project, which will further contribute to the improvement of the health system of Ethiopia. The project has also provided Technical Assistance (TA) to the Federal HIV & AIDS Prevention and Control Office (FHAPCO) to design and pilot a Multi-sectoral Response Information System (MRIS). This MRIS is for reporting the non-clinical HIV/AIDS prevention and control activities by different partners and by health and other sectors. The development work on MRIS was done in 2011-12. Currently, the project is collaborating with other partners to develop an electronic application (eMRIS) for data collection, aggregation and reporting and will assist FHAPCO to roll-out the MRIS in SNNPR and Oromia.


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