Mozambique Strategic Information Project (M-SIP)

Dates: 2013-2018

Country: Mozambique

Client(s): USAID/Mozambique

Services: Assessment, Applied Technology, Quality Assurance and Improvement

Technical Expertise: Applied Technology, Human Resources Management, Research, Monitoring, and Evaluation

Mozambique continues to be devastated by HIV and AIDS with the second highest rate of new HIV infections in the world. According to the latest estimates from UNAIDS, the rate of new HIV infections in Mozambique fell by more than 25% between 2001 and 2009. More than 200,000 people living with HIV in Mozambique were receiving life-saving treatment, care and support services at the end of 2010, according to government estimates. Expanded treatment and care programs are giving hope, yet further program scale up is critically needed to meet the growing demand for services and care and to prevent further HIV infection. The ability to expand programs is predicated on having high quality data that program managers use.

The Mozambique Strategic Information Program (M-SIP) was designed to address critical gaps in monitoring and evaluation (M&E), health information systems (HIS), and human resources in Mozambique among United States Government implementing partners, local community-based organizations, and the Government of Mozambique. Data quality is still a major challenge for all facility- and community-based programs in Mozambique. Assurance for accurate, timely, and precise high-quality data is critical for using program data for decision making and analysis as well as for evaluating the performance and impact of new and ongoing projects at both facility- and community-levels.

For five years, M-SIP worked with the Ministry of Health to ensure effective PEPFAR Mozambique data systems, specifically in the area of data quality, for greater program management, data use, and decision making. Read more about M-SIP's unique approach to building capacity and improving data quality in Building strategic information capacity in Mozambique.


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