MEASURE Evaluation - Strategic Information for South Africa Project

Dates: 2013-2018

Country: South Africa

Client(s): USAID/South Africa

Services: Technical Assistance, Assessment, Applied Technology, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Research, Strategic Planning, Quality Assurance and Improvement, Capacity Development

Technical Expertise: Health Information Systems, HIV, Research, Monitoring, and Evaluation


PEPFAR is currently scaling down its funding and activities in South Africa. In fact, PEPFAR’s projected budget for 2017 will be half the size of its 2012 budget. To prepare for this, PEPFAR has prioritized funding a technical assistance model that can strengthen the capacity of South African provinces and districts to improve the quality of information they have pertaining to their HIV programming. The goal is for South African government entities to be able to collect, analyze, and use this information to make informed decisions about future HIV programming.

MEASURE Evaluation-Strategic Information for South Africa (MEval-SIFSA) is a five-year project that is building the capacity of the South African government, PEPFAR, and their implementing partners to ensure that the health system in South Africa produces useful and high-quality information that contributes to sustainable policy, planning and programmatic decision making.

The purpose of the project is to advance health information management, monitoring and evaluation by creating, implementing, and facilitating state-of-the-art approaches to improving monitoring and evaluation, health information systems (HIS), and data use. We collect and share information, knowledge, and best practices to support evidence-based decision making at national, provincial and district level.

The project has three priorities:

1. Implementing strategies and policies that enhance HIV strategic information, including development of standard operating procedures (SOPs) for all levels and standardizing the training courses for the district health information system (DHIS). More than 1750 people have been trained in SIFSA courses and workshops to date.

2. Build capacity and processes to strengthen data quality.

3. Strengthen health information systems including approaches to eHealth, mHealth, and geographic information systems (GIS).

MEval-SIFSA addresses these priorities with a strategic emphasis on:

  • A system-wide approach that reduces duplication of effort and reaches all levels of data producers and users
  • Leveraging technology to improve consistency, extend reach and lower unit costs while avoiding pitfalls such as a failure to integrate systems
  • Data use that addresses challenges and constraints, training monitoring and evaluation (M&E) personnel to improve data management and user-friendly data presentation, training on data analysis and interpretation, and regular data quality checks, and
  • A commitment to sustainability that will transition leadership and implementation of health sector M&E strengthening to government units and local organizations, with demonstrated capacity increases over the life of the project.
JSI has been building the capacity of the South African government and its partners in monitoring and evaluating HIV and related programs since 2008. Through the Enhancing Strategic Information (ESI), (2008-2013). Under MEval-SIFSA, JSI is the lead implementer under MEASURE Evaluation and leads the capacity building, HIS, and M&E components of MEval-SIFSA. MEASURE Evaluation, a global monitoring and evaluation project led by the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (UNC).

The project leverages JSI’s previous monitoring and evaluation work at all levels of the health system as well as JSI’s existing relationships with the Department of Performance Monitoring and Evaluation (DPME), the South African government’s Public Administration Leadership and Management Academy (PALAMA), University of Pretoria, PEPFAR implementers, and other development partners.


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